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Negin Minaei graduated from The National Organ10245426_584060581707608_9215319510730069049_nization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) in Kerman, Iran and got her Mathematics-Physics Diploma on June 1994. She got her (MArch) Masters in Architectural Engineering on February 2000 and her Ph.D. in Urbanism on September 2004.

She started lecturing architecture and urbanism modules at the university level in both graduate and post-graduate programs as a full-time academic member in 2000. She was promoted from ‘lecturer’ to ‘Assistant Professor ‘in May 2006. She has been supervising dissertations in architecture, urban planning and urban design programs in masters degree and has taught at different universities as adjunct lecturer. She got a scholarship from Bauhaus in Germany (2004-2005) to attend a research program of ‘Transnational Spaces’.

As an academic member she has taught many courses of Architecture and Urbanism since Feb2000. In addition to her full time academic job, she has been involved with architectural supervision and consulting projects in construction industry since 2002. She worked also as a consultant to Housing Organization and Iranian Construction Engineers Organization for some years.During the past decade she has been the Dean’s Deputy in Research Affair, Member of quipping committee of Azad University Library, Member of Controlling Committee of Houses Design in Housing organization, Member of Jury for Master and Bachelor degree Thesis in Faculty of Art and Architecture in IAUK. She has started cooperating with SRBIAU at Kerman as a course director of master degree in Urban Planning and later on in Architecture till October 2011. Negin Minaei became an assistant Professor with grade 9. She has taught architecture and urban studies in graduate and post-graduate levels for 11 years in IAUK and as a guest lecturer in National Unviersity of Shahid Bahonar in Architecture Faculty and Geography and Urban Planning Department in faculty of Human Science.

After 11 years of teaching, she started studying Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey in UK to help her understand people and their behavior in spaces as well as the effects of natural and built environment on peoples’ well-being and health.
She was a post-doctoral researcher working on sustainable urbanism and transportation in RAU, UK and a visiting lecturer to Shandong University in China teaching ‘sustainable urban development’ in both institutes. As a research associate she worked on the impacts of super-fast broadband on rural areas, regional/urban regeneration projects in Herefordshire and Enfield, London while she was in UK. She won a UK national award called ‘Social Enterprise and Innovation Award’ (£5000) in Aug 2013 and started working on her experimental project called ‘Sustainable Social Environmental Design’. She founded a social enterprise called ‘EnDesign, Social Environmental Design’ to consult people and architectural firms to improve quality of their spaces from environmental psychology perspective.

In July 2016, she started researching smart cities as a visiting scholar at the Center for Engineering Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor and later designed a course called ‘sustainable smart cities’ and taught that to MEng students. She became a Research Associate with the Faculty of Engineering in Jul 2018.

Working areas: Smart cities, Urban Studies, Urban Design, Global Cities, Environmental Psychology, Eco-tech Design, Sustainable Architecture (renewable energies), Urban Regeneration, Adaptive reuse, Cognitive Maps and way-finding, Transnationalism, Multiculturalism, Sustainable smart Cities, Globalization, Transnationalism and IT regarding Urbanism and Architecture. Her Ph.D. dissertation was about The Effects of Globalization (Including IT&TC) on conceptual and Physical aspects of cities (case study of London). She is interested in philosophy ,literature and arts.

Professional Associations  

AOU     Academician of the Academy of Urbanism

London, UK, July 2014- Present


RAU     Member of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Group

RAU     Member of the Women Leadership Forum at RAU

Nov 2012 –Nov 2015 

 ICEO   Iranian Construction Engineers Organization, June 2002 – Present

ISUP    Iranian Society of Urban Planners, July 2002 – July 2010

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Visit my website: EnDesign, Social Environmental Design

LinkedIn: Negin Minaei’s Professional Profile

Twitter: Negin Minaei @NeginMinaee

Pinterest: Art, Design & Nature, EnDesign

Research Gate:Research Projects & Publications

ORCID: Research Profile

Academia.edu: Research, Talks & Presentations

Flickr: Negin Minaei’s Photo Gallery

Instagram: EnDesignSED

Facebook: EnDesign, Social Environmental Design

YouTube: EnDesign


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