Emerging Global Cities by Negin Minaei

Abadi (Quarterly Journal of Architecture and Urbanism/ Vol 15/ No. 46-47/ Spring & Summer 2005

The globalization process and its responses have many consequences for the growth and development of cities. Although there is no uniform process, but at local and regional level these process are related to a large extent to the existing social, economic and regulative structures. During the last decades, each of those cities with the aim of coordination in the provision of services at local, regional and international level, have changed their development strategy. The interesting point is that this path is uneven and it is not possible to generalize it for all the cities and regions. The path to regionalism and globalization of cities is governed by many factors, which we shall outline them in this article. On the other hand, we are faced with a phenomenon called global city, which has attracted the attention of many theoreticians, economists and sociologists. This list includes Saskia Sassen, Peter Hall, Anthony King, Manuel Castells,… Every one of these theoreticians, in their own way has attempted to depict the global city and its Characteristics. In the present era, where the global cities have very important role to play in governing the world from economic, administrative and financial aspects, many different cities from different countries have started a competition for passing through different stages in the hierarchy of global cities. Therefore, the issue of understanding the global cities is of tremendous importance, which could lead government to further research and investment. This article by providing a general definition of global city, attempts to introduce the existing global cities and thereby to clarify the status of Tehran in this hierarchy.
مینائی، نگین. و ماجدی، حمید. 1384، ظهور شهرهای جهانی ، فصلنامه آبادی، شماره 46 ، مرکزمطالعات معماری و شهرسازی ایران، تهران

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