Political Territories, World Government and Globalization

The 9th Sharjah Urban Planning Symposium:” Territorial Outlook and Sustainable Development: Globalization, Devolution, and the Challenge of Governance “

Globalization – the growing integration of politics, economies and societies around the world – has been one of the most hotly-debated topics in international economics over the past few years. Rapid growth and poverty reduction in China, India, and other countries that were poor 20 years ago, has been a positive aspect of globalization. It has also generated significant international opposition and concerns over increasing inequality and environmental degradation. Globalization describes the economic reality of our era. It seems a nation’s economic potentials are no longer defined by political and geographical boundaries, but it definitely is. It seems that the globalizing world we live in is the one in which goods, services,capitals, labor and ideas that propel economic growth are increasingly free to migrate to where they are most valued and can work together most efficiently, flexibly and securely. But having a deeper look in the flows and exchanges of money, goods,resources (energy resources, human resources…) helps us to see some invisible hands planning the governance of the globalizing world. Surely, economic policies can have a huge influence on decisions about where the best places to do business are and what the political procedure towards it is. This paper is extracted from my Ph.D. Dissertation in the name of “The Effects of Globalization on the Conceptual and Physical Aspects of the Cities (case study of London) and our research in Bauhaus on IT industry in India and its effect on Urbanism and Culture. It will use some statistics, diagrams and maps I designed to explain these main titles briefly:: -The association of IT, TC and Globalization and their general impacts on cities – Introduction of the political territories of the world, global cities and their relationships -The flows of money, goods and passengers among some global cities -The new types of emerging technological spaces (Physical and Virtual) to cities and their role in countries’ economy and rank of cities in global hierarchy -Some tools of the world governors to control the political procedure in order to have the best economical control over all countries (examples of Iran and India)
PDF: Political Territories, World Government and Globalization.

Citation (formatted-unspecified)
Minaei, N. 2006, “Political Territories, World Government and Globalization”, The 9th Sharjah Urban Planning Symposium :” Territorial Outlook and Sustainable, Development: Globalization, Devolution, and the Challenge of Governance “, 2-4th April 2006, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate, http://www.sups-city.org/

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