Regeneration of Urban Public Spaces in Kerman (Problems and Solutions)

1st Urban Design International Congress (UDIC1), Isfahan, Iran 4-7 September 2006,

Although Kerman has a large number of green open spaces(108 parks with nearly 5/850363square meter) and urban public spaces, the first thing you may hear about Kerman is that there is not enough entertainment spaces and its like a dead city. As in Iran the green open spaces are called “Parks” and they function as entertainment spaces for people, it seems they are not enough interesting for people, especially in Kerman. Studying the people’s behaviour and the chosen spaces during 5 months I used Bauhaus system for research for the first time in Iran with direct and indirect observations, having some interviews with local people and neighbours of these spaces, and asking people to write their opinions and their comments about the spaces, we came to gather a general view and to have a better understanding of what they want and what they need. I divided these open spaces in three groups; the first group includes of Ancient spaces or historical buildings with a great identity, very interesting and in some cases unique in Our architecture and Urbanism in national scale but in a way left behind by responsible organizations and are going to disappear whether by destroying or ruining. The second group contains green open spaces or City Parks with in a large number and the third group has some mega buildings in city scale but are going to shrink, empty for years without any function that makes the image of the city unpleasant. We studied 27 case studies in city of Kerman with nearly 50 University students under course of Urban Space Analysis. To choose the case studies, we only focus on those with more important factors like uniqueness, expansion, large investments without usage and so on. In this paper I will use charts, tables, photos, and movies about our observation and try to present the problems and also the common solutions that students designed for these spaces to regenerate them. I will compare it with some solutions that were used for regeneration projects in London in three case study of Docklands, and the City. And finally present some ideas for making the open urban spaces of Kerman more attractive for people.


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