The Concept of Work and Globalization


NTNU Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNavigating Globalization: Stability, Fluidity and Friction4-7August 2005,Trondheim, Norway ,


This essay extracted from my Ph.D. dissertation in the name of The affection of Globalization upon the conceptual and Physical aspects of the city. In a part of that, it concentrates on work, working time and working place in the age of globalization. The floating time that is getting more and more popular and has started to be used in many countries for some decades, is one of the most important factors effecting the city. This affections are direct and indirect and we can see them even in the shape of a city.The second important factor is the concept of work evaluated during these years. Some works and jobs omitted and we see new jobs are emerging. Therefore looking to the evolution of job in the era of globalization and global village is very important. There are some ideas about the new spaces for the globalized work places like flexibility that will be discussed in the full paper.



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