Academic Work Experience

  • Research Associate
    July 2018

  • Sessional Instructor & Capstone Mentor University of Windsor

    University of Windsor

    Center for Engineering Innovation, Faculty of Engineering

    Jan 2017 – Present

    Designed a course called ‘Sustainable Smart Cities’ for the first time and have been teaching it to MEng students (Master in Engineering) of Electrical, Civil, Environmental, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

    Visiting Scholar 

    July 2016- June 2018

     Researching smart cities and published two chapters

    Founder and Director of EnDesign, Social Environmental Design Endesign3

    EnDesign, Social Environmental Design

    Jan 2016 – Present

    Ontario, Canada Area

    EnDesign is the branding name for the Social Environmental Design company which is an Ontario based enterprise with a staff of international design professionals and academic researchers. Our aim is to combine design and scientific research to deliver healthy and environmentally-friendly architectural and urban planning and design. We provide consulting services for individuals, businesses, communities and architectural firms to improve the quality of their environments by applying evidence-based design approaches. We also deliver seminars and talks to promote sustainable urbanism and urban resiliency.


    @EnDesignSED (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook)

    YouTube: Search for EnDesign with the same logo.

     Academician of the Academy of UrbanismThe Academy of Urbanism

     The Academy of Urbanism, London, UK

    Jul 2014 – Present

    The Academy of Urbanism is a politically independent, not-for-profit organisation that brings together both the current and next generation of urban leaders, thinkers and practitioners.We embrace city management and policy making, academic research and teaching, development planning and design, community leadership and urban change-making, arts and cultural development, infrastructure and engineering, property law and management, politics and media. Negin Minaei was recently in the SpotLight.


     Senior Lecturer, Full-time Academic Member

     Faculty of Art, Architecture and Urbanism, IAU, Kerman Branch

    Feb 2000 – Jan 2018

     The fall 2017 semester acted as the Dean of Research and Technology in the Faculty of Art,Architecture and Urbanism (Till 14th Jan 2018), also taught these modules:
    -PhD in Urbanism (Professional English for Urbanism)
    -Masters in Architectural Engineering (Environmental Psychology)
    -Masters in Urban Planning (Advanced Research Methods)
    -Masters in Geography and Urban Planning (Professional English for planners)
    -Bachelors in Urbanism (Understanding and Analyzing Urban Spaces)
    -Bachelors in Architecture (Understanding and Presenting Environments)

    Programs and Courses I have taught:

    -PhD in Urbanism (Globalization and Global City, Research Methods in Urbanism)

    -Masters in Urban Design (Urban Design Studio 1, Urban Design Terminology in English)

    -Masters in Urban Planning (Urban Design Studio 1, Research methods and seminar)

    -Masters in Architectural Engineering (Research Methodology in Architecture, Basis of Urban Planning, Basis of Urban Design, Urban Design studio)

    -Bachelors in Urbanism (Understanding and Presenting Urban Environments)

    -Bachelors in Architectural Engineering (Urban Space Analysis, Basis or Physical  Planning, Architectural
    Design Studio 1(House), Architectural Design Studio 2 (schools), Architectural Design Studio 3
    (museum, library), Architecture Terminology in English, Understanding and Presenting Environment,
    Architectural Presentation,How to Prepare and Present a Seminar

    -Associate Degree in Architecture (Architectural Design studio 2(Clinic), Technical Design 2, Basis of
    Visual Arts, Architectural Illustration, Understanding and Presenting Architecture, Technical
    Terminology in English)

    2-Supervised 38 final dissertations in graduate and post-graduate degree in architecture, and urban design (2007 to 2011)

    3- Advised different group of students in different years


    Invited for Lectures (Sustainable Urban Development)

    Jahad Daneshgahi, Kerman Province

    May 2016 – May 2016 /Jahad Daneshgahi, Kerman Province

     To teach a certified course on ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ during three days (29 to 31st May 2016) to local authorities and those interested including university lecturers and students in the relevant fields of urban planning, urban design, urbanism, architecture and civil engineering

     Post-doctoral Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer

    School of Real Estate and Land Management

    Royal Agricultural University    


    Nov 2012 – September 2015

     Researching on Sustainable Urbanism and Transport
    Taught Urban Design and Development

    Research Associate

    Nov 2013 – Aug 2015

    School of Real Estate and Land Management, UK

    For research projects, please see the project section.

     Visiting Lecturer

     School of Real Estate, Shandong Agricultural University

    Sep 2015 – Sep 2015 /Tai’an, China

   Taught Urban Design and Development

       Course Director and Adjunct Lecturer

         Science and Research Branch of IAU, Kerman (SRBIAU)

         Oct 2010 – Oct 2011/ Kerman

         Director of two departments:
1- Master of Urban Planning
2- Master of Architecture
Taught these courses as adjunct lecturer:
Master degree in Urban Planning (Urban Design Studio 1, Seminar)
Master degree in Architecture (- Research Methods in Architecture)      

        Adjunct Lecturer

         Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

  Oct 2009 – Sep 2011/ Kerman

   Taught these courses as adjunct lecturer:

   1-Faculty of Art and Architecture to Architecture (Course: Architecture  Terminology in English)

   2-Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences to Geography and Urban Planning        (Courses: Natural Geography Texts in English, Human Geography Texts in English)

Former Academic Positions:

The positions I hold while I was a full-time tenure-track academic member of the Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism at the IAUK, Kerman, Iran

Founder and The First Course Director of Master of Architecture, SRBIAU, Kerman Branch /  Feb 2011- Oct 2012

Founder and The First Course Director of Mater of Urban Planning, SRBIAU, Kerman Branch / Sep 2010- Oct 2012

Full-time Faculty Member at the level of Assistant Professor, IAU, Kerman Branch/ May 2006 – Oct 2011

Full-time Faculty Member at level of Lecturer, IAU, Kerman Branch/ Feb 2000- May 2006

Volunteer Academic Positions and Activities

I was selected for these positions among colleagues as service responsibilities.

Dean’s Deputy in Research Affairs , Feb 2001- Sep 2002 & Dec 2007-Apr 2010

– Member of quipping committee of IAUK’s Library, May 2002 –Sep 2002

– Representative of International Department of Women’s Research Council, District 7 (Azad Universities in South East part of the Country) of IAU

– Dean of Research Core of Women of IAUK , Aug 2009- Aug 2010

– Member of Selected Committee of Kerman Branch related to Audit Board of Central organization of Islamic Azad University

– Member of  Evaluation Committee of Region7 (Universities of South East part of Iran) of Islamic Azad University to interview applicants of teaching in universities

– Member of Research Council of Azad University ,Kerman Branch, Since March2008







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