Art Works

Artistic Approach in Paintings

Art has been a peaceful refuge to me. I generally paint when I am very emotional or want to document an idea or a picture that I saw in my mind. It can be caused by listening to an exceptional music which I connect with, or occurrence of an event which had impacts on me or needing to record a vision from my meditation experiences. Sometimes an event may make me philosophically question our reality, culture or life styles and I wonder what really matters to us?! or what should matter to us? I guess, painting is the only way I can express how I feel or what is going on in my mind even when I am not sure of it.

I may start and finish a painting in a day, a week, or in couple of years because I can only paint when I feel it, so can’t exactly say the total duration of each work. For some of my works I sketched a drawing on a paper to prevent forgetting that vision and 10,11 years later I came back to them to fully illustrate them. I may change them and change them till I find that’s the one I saw or I like or it’s lost.

I am mostly inspired by music, nature and spirituality. When I look at all my paintings I can divide them in different categories. My early works were inspired by my dad so mainly realistic paintings and used colored-pencil or oil on canvas which he taught me how to paint. I loved water-color paintings so I did some work with that to learn it. It seems to me in recent years, I have been mainly projecting my thoughts, imaginations, emotions and visions. I work with colored pencils, markers, water-color, oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, collage and sometimes, the combinations of them in one piece, depends on the object I want to illustrate.

I have not shown my paintings publicly in an exhibition or a gallery, and I get fascinated to hear what people see or understand in each piece and the feelings they get of them. I would love my works be that deep that to let the audience discover new concepts each time they look at them, so I sometimes combine different concepts, dimensions and symbols to add layers of meaning to them.

Negin’s Painting Gallery

Negin’s Photographs  

Negin loves travelling and documenting moments, natural beauties, events as well as architecture, and spaces in the built environments. She has over 2000 photos in her different albums on her Flickr since she joined the platform on 2013. There, she has showcased different cities and different countries in terms of their architectural styles,  public spaces and their natural environments.





Graphic Design

Negin has numerous graphic designs expanding from abstract ideas to architectural sketches since she was an architecture student.

Recently her main graphic design activities were her social media posts and other designd related to her social enterprise website EnDesign, Social Environmental Design or EnDesignSED which can be found on her Instagram profile EnDesignSED too such as

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Negin’s New Passion

As nature is good for human’s health and well-being, I try to promote paying attention to nature by documenting what I enjoy to see. Scientific studies in environmental psychology shows not only it can help recovery from depressions, anxiety and restore our attention and focus, but also it can decrease the recovery time of patients in hospitals. Since I love to document the beauties of nature and interesting events and interactions in public spaces or in the natural context, I have started learning to make videos so I can bring nature therapy to people to help them decrease their chemical medications. Recently, I have found amazing scenes in the sky, with the sun and clouds. Below is one example and please see my nature therapy album on YouTube and if you like them like, share or subscribe or if you feel calmer and happier after watching them.