Personal Development and Training

Online courses

Certificates gained after studying online courses on Future Learn and passing the exam:

Climate Change: Solutions – University of Exeter, UK, March 2018

Smart Cities, The Open University and University of Birmingham in partnership with MK: Smart), UK, Oct 2016

Without certificate:

Big Data and Environment– University of Reading & Institute Environmental Analytics, UK, April 2018

Smart Grids for Smart Cities– InnoEnergy, Europe, May 2018

Citizen Science: Sensing the World, University of Dundee, May 2018

Workshops, Training and Seminars Attended at the University of Windsor, Canada

– Government Funding and how to get it, WETech Alliance, April 2018

– WHMIS on-line – NEW (GHS), Human Resources, April 2018

– Communication with Tact and Diplomacy, Human Resources, April 2018

– Feedback is your friend: Using course data to inform course design, The CTL, April 2018

– Making Promises: Mapping Learning Pathways, The Centre for Teaching and Learning, March 2018

– The Teaching Dossier Academy, The Centre for Teaching and Learning, UWindsor, June 2017

– Preventing & Combating Hand and Wrist Repetitive Stress/ Human Resources, UWindsor, May 2017

– Things You should know about open Educational Resources and Copyright, / Human Resources, UWindsor, Jan 2017

– Don’t Forget Yourself. . . Self-care Strategies, / Human Resources, UWindsor, Jan 2017

– Getting Started with Blackboard (Pre-requisite) /Centre for Teaching and Learning

– Assessing Learners (Basics) /Centre for Teaching and Learning

– Using Fluid Surveys –Beyond Surveys

– Creating a More Productive Office Space/ Human Resources, UWindsor, Nov 2016

– Strategic Ways to Use Industrial Designs to Build IP Value/ EPICentre UWindsor, Nov 2016

– Delivering Bad News and Saying No/ Human Resources, University of Windsor, Oct 2016

– Copy Right or Patent, How to Protect my Software/ EPICentre UWindsor, Oct 2016

– Copyright, Publishing and Open Access /Centre for Teaching and Learning, Oct 2016

– Ethical Issues Encountered by GAs and Tas /Centre for Teaching and Learning, Sep 2016

– Teaching with Stats and Data: Tools, Tips and Tricks /Centre for Teaching and Learning, Sep 2016

– Getting the Most out of Social Media/ Human Resources, University of Windsor, Oct2016

– Health and Safety in the Workplace: An Orientation Guide for Workers, Human Resources, University of Windsor, Aug 2016

– Workplace Violence Prevention Training, Human Resources, University of Windsor, Aug2016

-AODA & Human Rights Training by the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility, Human Resources, University of Windsor, Aug2016

-Accessible Customer Service Training by the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility, Human Resources, University of Windsor, Aug2016

Training by the Live Green Toronto, City of Toronto, Sep 2015- Dec 2015

– Toronto’s long-term waste management, Oct 2015

– Customer Service: “We’ve been expecting you”, Nov 2015

– The Toronto Green Standard, Sep 2015

– Business Plan Boot Camp, Enterprise Toronto, Toronto, Sep 2015

Workshops and Training Attended in Royal Agricultural University, UK (with certificate)

– QA Level 3 Award in ‘First Aid at Work’, In safe Hands Health and Safety Training/Consultancy, March 2015

– CoStar workshop by CoStar Group for RELM school staff members, September 2014

– Effective Supervision: Workshop for doctoral supervisors by John Wakeford from Missenden Centre, July 2014

– Smarter Assessment and Feedback/ Lecturers in the digital age by Phil Race, July 2014

– Fraud Awareness Workshop-Operational Staff by PricehouseCooper LLP, April 2014

– Microsoft Excel, by Orchard Professional Computer Services Ltd., January 2014

– Effective communication and action from the four leadership perspectives, Center for Leadership Workshop, Nov2011

– Delivering Outstanding Customer Service, Gloucestershire Enterprise, Sep2013

– Asbestos Awareness Training, The Asbestos Solutions Company, Aug2013

– Drugs and Young People, Drugs Education, Jun2013

 International/National Workshops and Training Attended (with certificate)

Smart Moving Cities, Dutch Cycling Embassy, Move Mobility and Tarbiat Modares University, Dec2017, Tehran, Iran

Climate Adaptive Architecture and Urban Planning Countering Urban Climate Change, May2016, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

-SPSS/NVIVO by Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training (CREST) & Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, December 2014

-Planning and Design Foundation Course, Urban Design London, London, UK, Oct 2012

-Managing and Urban planning, Tourism Development and Beautiful City (UMUP2011), (ISUP) Iranian Society of Urban Planners, Istanbul, Turkey, July 2011

-International Seminar of Urban Development Plans (challenges and approaches), (The Academy of Urbanism of UK, IARRA, Tehran Construction Engineering Council The Oxford Brookes University, Iranian Academy of Art) , Tehran

-Urban Management Workshop, IAARA (International Art Architecture Research Association), London South Bank University

-Mapping Workshop in AA for Bauhaus participants, 21-29 March / 2005, AA (Architectural Association) in London/England

Courses with certificate for Full-time Academic Members of IAU, Kerman branch, Iran (425Hours)

-Writing ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) papers,16 Hours, Jan 2010

-Research Methodology for Human Science,32 Hours, Jan 2010

-Web log Design,26 Hours

-How to extract information from a scientific text,8 Hours

-An Introduction to Educational Regulations and Principles of Azad University,8 Hours

-Psychological problems of students, 40 Hours

-Research Methodology for Engineers, 32 Hours

-Motivation and Effective Teaching, 16 Hours

-Teaching and Training Skills1,2,3, 120 Hours

-An Introduction to Internet, 16 Hours

-Application of Information Technology in Education, 16 Hours

-An Introduction to Computer & Preliminary Windows XP,40 Hours

-Basis of Translations, 32 Hours

-Scientific Essay Writing in English, 16 Hours

-Introduction to Writing Letter of Recommendation and CV in English, 8 Hours

-Designing Posters in English, 8 Hours

Certificates Achieved by passing exam from Kerman Construction Engineers Organization as an Architect

– Congress of Towards a Greener Urbanism, the Academy of Urbanism, Bristol, 23 May 2014

– Intelligent Management and Controlling Systems of Energy in buildings (BMS) ,2009

– An introduction to Space Frame Structures, 2009

– Lifts and Escalators, 2008

– Principles and Fundamentals of Designing High-rise Buildings in Architecture,2008

– General Obligations of Structure, Electrical and Mechanical Facilities in construction, 2008

-Details and Elements of Construction,2007

-Building Materials and Production,2007

– An Introduction to section 19th of National Rules of Construction, Energy Saving in Architecture in Kerman Management and Planning organization, 2006

– Regeneration and Renovation of old Urban Fabrics (Disaster Management) in Tehran Housing and Urbanism Organization (BHRC)


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