Chapters: 9781138935280

– Minaei, N. (2017).  Chapter 4: Place and community consciousness, In Huston, S (Ed.), Smart Urban Regeneration: Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms for Real Estate. PP 68-83. NY: Routledge.

– Minaei, N. (2017).  Chapter 10: Universities, Art and Science and Smart Education, In Huston, S (Ed.), Smart Urban Regeneration: Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms for Real Estate. PP 173-190. NY: Routledge.


3- New Urban Design,2011

Published by Research and Scientific Publishing at the IAUK (Azad University of Kerman) (Translated by Negin Minaei from English to Persian)Capture.JPG

Awarded as “Honorable Translated Book” in 17th Annual Festival of Book of The Year, Kerman Province, 2012

It Introduces the most successful projects of urban design throughout the world with good-quality maps and illustrations. The aim was to prepare a Persian text introducing the leading urban design projects of the world. the book has a full list of professional words in urbanism in English,French and German.

Limited number of this book in hard copy is available. Price: CAD 22 plus shipment, To order please contact me.

2-Structures (Skyscrapers),2010  

Publication: Vadiat , Kerman Structures,Skyscrapers, Tarjome

It is a bilingual book to help teaching Architectural terms in English to Persian Students translated by Negin Minaei from English to Persian.It is about high rise building, their problems, potentials and their structures

Limited number of this book in hard copy is available. Price: CAD 11 plus shipment, To order please contact me.


1-Transnational Spaces (Research and Project) ,2005

Published by : Bauhaus Dessau Foundation/ Printed in Germany 1.png

It is a result of our team work research in (Bauhaus Kolleg VI) and is about Transnational Spaces and Transnationalism in Café/Bars and Refugee Camps in Berlin, Frankfurt Airport, Transmarkets of Istanbul,Calcutta call centres.

Academic Papers in Journals

Huston, A. Jadevicius, & N. Minaei, “Talent and student private rented sector bottlenecks: a preliminary UK investigation, Journal of Property Management, Vol 33. Iss. 3, pp287-302, May 2015, (Selected by the journal’s editorial team as a Highly Commended Paper (Top Three) in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence) ,

N. Minaei, “Do Modes of Transportation and GPS Affect Cognitive Maps of Londoners?” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol 70, pp 162-180, Dec 2014,

Minaei, A. Parsa & N. Thomasin-Foster, “Longitudinal Study on the relationship of workspaces and wellbeing (case study of a University in UK)”, OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 7, No. 7, pp. 49-64, 2014, Canada.

Minaei, M.H.Tajalli, “Study of Urban Spaces Problems in City of Kerman, Iran”The City: Culture, Society, Technology”, Interdisciplinary Themes Journal, 2009 

Minaei& H. Majedi, “Emerging Global Cities”, Abadi Journal (Quarterly Scientific and Research Publication in Architecture and Urbanism) /Vol.15, NO.46-47, Spring &Summer2005, the Center for Architectural & Urbanism Studies & Research

N.Minaei, “A Comparative Study of Global Cities in Global Hierarchy, Case study of London and Tehran”, Chosen as an “Iranian-Islamic Model of Progress” by the Vice- Presidency of Planning and Strategic Supervision of the President

Peer-reviewed Papers in International Conferences

Minaei, M. Saif, “The Importance of Reliable Remote Sensing in Global Smart Cities”, Accepted for the 4th International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing: Mapping the Future with GIS & Advancement in Remote Sensing, Berlin, Germany, September 2018

Minaei, “Inhabitants’ Cognitive Maps Represent Ethnic-based Variations in Learning and Recalling London”, 24 International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology: Multiculturalism in a Global Perspective: Benefits and Challenges, Guelph, Canada, July 2018

Minaei, M. Saif, A, Ahmadi “Possible applications of remote sensing, GIS and GPS in drone-protected urban environments; safety, security and privacy, 2nd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing: Innovation of Spatial Data Infrastructure for Sustainable Development, Vienna, Austria, 2-3 October 2017

Minaei, “Reflections of Transport Mode and GPS on the experience of Urban Atmosphere, Case study of London”, Sensing the place – experiences & wayfinding, ARCC, London, April 2016,

Huston, A. Jadevicius, & N. Minaei, “Regional Emerging Hubs-Catalysts, Drivers and Constraints”, 22nd European Real Estate Society, Istanbul, June 2015

Minaei & A. Sattaripur, “The Non-negotiable Role of Arts and Design of the Built Environment on Humans’ Well-being and Health”, International Conference of The Role of Humanities, Arts and Transdisciplinary Practice in Higher Education, May 2015, Alfter, Germany

Minaei & M.H. Tajalli, “City’s Atmosphere, Sensory Dynamics and People’s Experience”, Second Annual International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (IASSC),Affective Cities: Scenes of Innovation II Conference, 5-7 Aug 2014, Toronto, Canada,

Huston, A. Jadevicius, & N. Minaei, “Talent and rental system bottlenecks: a preliminary investigation, Annual Congress of European Real Estate Society,24-28th June 2014, Bucharest, Romania ,

Aslani, N. Minaei & M. Nikpour, “Designing Public Urban Spaces from Contextualism Perspective”, National Conference of Contextual Architecture and Urbanism, IAU, Qazvin Branch, November 2013, Qazvin, Iran,

E. Aslani, N. Minaei, ‘Regulation and Design of an Entrance Based on Contextualism Approach, Case Study of Sirjan, The International Conference on Advanced Method of Design & Construction in Context-oriented Architecture, At Tabriz, Iran

Minaei, “Emergence of Ethnical Enclaves in Cosmopolitan Cities from Environmental Psychology perspective”, The 3rd International Conference: Urban Mobility by World Health organization and Airlangga University, 7 December 2012, Surabaya, Indonesia,

Minaei & A. Sattaripur, “Studying the Sustainable Design Factors in Successful Primary Schools from the Environmental Psychology Perspective”,5th Conference of Iranian Schools-Iranian Architecture, by State Organization of Schools Renovation, Development and Mobilization, Tehran, March 2011

Minaei, “Study of Urban Spaces Problems in City of Kerman, Iran”, The City: Culture, Society, Technology, Simon Fraser University, 6th -7th November2009, Vancouver, Canada,

Minaei, “Regeneration of Urban Public Spaces in Kerman (Problems and, solutions)” ,The 1st Urban Design International Congress(UDIC1), 2007,

Minaei & M.H. Tajalli, “Tourism, an Approach to Regenerate Cultural Heritage”, Symposium of 70 Years Anthropology in Iran / Cultural Heritage Organization, 2006

Minaei, “Global Cities, Politics and Trends in Global Hierarchy”, Symposium of Amayesh Sarzamin /Management and Planning Organization,

Minaei, “Political Territories, World Government and Globalization”, The 9th Sharjah Urban Planning Symposium:” Territorial Outlook and Sustainable, Development: Globalization, Devolution, and the Challenge of Governance “,2-4th April 2006, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate,

Minaei, “IT, TC & Globalization in Emerging new types of spaces (Physical &Virtual)”, First International Research Conference:” Technological Innovations: Cultural Aspects & Globalization “, Mint (Management International Transcultural), 1-2 December 2005, Evry, France,

Minaei, “The Relation of Global Cities and Political Territories of the World”, Annual International Conference:” Flows and spaces in a globalized world”, Royal Geographical Society with the IBG (Institute of British Geographers),31 August – 2nd September 2005, London, England,

Minaei, “Business, workplace and the global economy”, International Conference: “Navigating Globalization; Stability, Fluidity and Friction” , NTNU(Norwegian University of Science ,Technology),4-7August 2005, Trondheim, Norway,

Minaei, “Regeneration of Urban Spaces as a Bazaar in Case Study of London”, UIA World Congress of Architecture:” Cities: Grand Baazar of Architectures”, 4-6 July 2005 Istanbul, Turkey,

Minaei, “Designing Buildings in Solar and Windy Sites”, 5th Conference of Optimizing Resource’s Consumption in Buildings, National Oil Company of Iran, 2006

Minaei, “The Study of the Role of Solar Plant and its Effect on Environment and Sustainable Future”, 3rd National Conference of Energy in Iran, by International Energy Committee, 2000

Minaei, Inspiration of Nature in Architecture”, Poster, 1st National Conference of Architecture students, Abstract Published. Tabriz, Iran

Minaei, “Animals Architecture”, Poster, 4th National Conference of Civil Engineer Students, Abstract Published. Isfahan, Iran

Spotlight and Magazine Interviews

– Minaei, ‘Education Can Make a Difference’, Spotlight, Academy of Urbanism, London, UK, March 2018

– Minaei, Articles about the ‘7Talks on Sustainable Cities’ on Daily New University of Windsor, Windsorite and Windsor Star, May 2017

– Minaei, ‘RAU lecturers published in renowned scientific journals’, RAU News, January 2015

-Minaei, ‘Recalculating: The Mind and the Map’, The Atlantic Magazine, November 2014

Seminars and Talks (was invited)

Minaei, ‘An Introduction to Smart Cities’, Sponsored by the IAU University, Kerman, Iran, Nov 2017

Minaei, N. Minaei, ‘An Introduction to Smart Cities’, Sponsored by the IEEE at the University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Aug 2017,

Minaei, Cities Challenges and Sustainable Urban Development, at the 7Talks on Sustainable Smart Cities, May 2017

Minaei, Climate Change in Iran, at the Sustainable Urban Development, May 2016

Minaei, Environmental Psychology and Real-World Projects, at Live Green Toronto at the City of Toronto, Sep 2015

Minaei, Consciousness and the City: How the mind experiences the built environment, at the Being Conscious Event, by Youth Section UK, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 14 March 2015

Minaei, Effects of Transportation Modes & GPS on Cognitive Maps of Londoners, at RAU Research seminars, May 2014

Minaei, Implications of Energy Use and How to Reduces Impact, at RAU Research seminars, Nov 2013



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