Teaching Dossier

I have successfully completed the Teaching Dossier Academy which was held by the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor in June 2017.

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My full digital Teaching Dossier includes the list of items mentioned below and is available to be sent to potential recruiters .

A. Teaching Approach

1.Teaching Philosophy

2.Teaching Practices

2.1 Teaching Methods

2.2 Learning Environment and Assessment

B. Summary of Teaching Contributions

1.Teaching Assignments

2.Student Supervision

4.Teaching-related Activities


-B.1 Course Development Efforts: Sample Course Syllabus

Sample Assessment Brief

Marking Sheet

Substantially revised course

– B.2 Student Supervision

-B.3 Teaching Evaluation

-B.4 Teaching-related Activities(Teaching Experience in Details)

-B.5 Teaching-Related Publications and Professional Contributions

-A.3 Teaching/Learning Professional Development

C. Teaching Feedback

Feedback by Former Colleagues

Feedback by Former Students

– Sample Students’ works published in a collaborative paper

– Samples of Illustration Techniques I taught ….


On this website, the next page, you can see some information from my teaching dossier including academic work experience, teaching contribution and students feedback as well as personal development history.