Teaching Contributions

Teaching-related publications 9781138935280

1- Minaei, N. (2017). “Universities, Art and Science and Smart Education”, In Huston, S (Ed.), Smart Urban Regeneration: Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms for Real Estate. NY: Routledge.

2- N. Minaei & A. Sattaripur, “The Non-negotiable Role of Arts and Design of the Built Environment on Humans’ Well-being and Health”, International Conference of The Role of Humanities, Arts and Transdisciplinary Practice in Higher Education, May 2015, Alfter, Germany

Virtually researching with my former student who was a student in Germany and presenting our paper together virtually.


3- N. Minaei, M.H.Tajalli, “Study of Urban Spaces Problems in City of Kerman, Iran” The City: Culture, Society, Technology”, Interdisciplinary Themes Journal, 2009. 

Result of 5 years field research with different groups of students under the course of ‘Urban Space Analysis’ on different urban spaces in Kerman. Various field techniques were used, including 70 hours observation for each site which later analyzed in terms of behavior patterns. 

4- Structures (Skyscrapers), Bilingual / Translated to Persian by Negin Minaei, 2010, Vadiaat Publication, written By Andrew Dunn

To teach technical terminology within context to undergraduate students which often have difficulty with their English.


Professional Talks Delivered to Raise Environmental Awareness

-Minaei, ‘Environmental Psychology, The Science of Healthy Spaces’, Sponsored by EnDesign at the University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, June 2018

-Minaei, ‘An Introduction to Smart Cities’, Sponsored by the IAU University, Kerman, Iran, Nov 2017

-Minaei, N. Minaei, ‘An Introduction to Smart Cities’, Sponsored by the IEEE at the University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Aug 2017, http://sites.ieee.org/sb-uwindsor/2017/08/02/introduction-to-smart-cities/

-Minaei, Cities Challenges and Sustainable Urban Development, at the 7 Talks on Sustainable Smart Cities, May 2017

-N. Minaei, ‘Sustainable Urban Development’, 3 days course and seminar, presented at the Jahad Daneshgahi University, Kerman, Iran, May 2016

– N. Minaei, “Reflections of Transport Mode and GPS on the experience of Urban Atmosphere, Case study of London”, Invited to Talk at Sensing the place – experiences & way-finding , ARCC, London, April 2016

– N. Minaei, ‘Environmental Psychology and Real-World Projects’, Invited to talk at Live Green Toronto at the City of Toronto, Ontario, Sep 2015

– N. Minaei, attended Volunteer Program at Live Green Toronto at the City of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Sep 2015- Dec 2015

– N. Minaei, ‘Consciousness and the City: How the mind experiences the built environment, Invited to Talk at the Being Conscious Event, by Youth Section UK, Stroud, Glos. , 14 March 2015

– N. Minaei, ‘Effects of Transportation Modes & GPS on Cognitive Maps of Londoners’, Invited to talk at RAU’s Research seminars, May 2014

– N. Minaei, ‘Implications of Energy Use and How to Reduces Impact’, Invited to talk at RAU’s Research seminars, November 2013

Student Supervision: Final Projects (Dissertation) or Thesis

Supervisor of Master and Bachelor degree students’ thesis since June2003. I have supervised 34 Final Projects of Bachelors of Architectural Engineering from 2007 up till Sep 2011 , advised two master degree in Architectural Engineering and currently supervising one PhD students working on his thesis.

Year : 2007

1- Design of a Commercial Center by Razye Shabani

2- Continuity of Solar Architecture in Designing a Girl’s Primary School in Kerman(cold dry climate) by Fariba Nasiri

3- Girls High School by Narges Namdar Mohammadi

4- Girls High School by  Rahele Heydari Afshar

5- Design of an Official-Commercial Center by Somayye Amani


Year : 2008 

6-  Design of a Shopping Center by Saeed Aboosaeedi

7- Design of a Cultural Center by Mostafa Abbasi

8- Design of a Movie-Theatre by Mahdye Jome farsangi

9- Kindergarten by Armin Bakhshi

10- Design of a Girl’s Dormitory by Khatere Naderi pour






11- Design of a Primary School Applying Passive Systems by Maryam Torkzade

12- Design of Cultural-Entertainment Center by Mohammad Ali Keshavarzyan

13- Design of a Boys’ Dormitory by Sara Shafiee

14- Design of a Rest Area for Transit Drivers by Moeen HajmaLek

15- Design of a Kindergarten by Elham Tajalli

16- Design of an Art School by Aghil Zamani

17- Design of an Art School by Akram Askari

18- Design of a Entertainment Garden for Children By Soheyla Negarestani

19- Design of a primary School by Niloofar Torbati

20- Design of a High school by Sedighe Fazeli

21- Design of a Residential Block by Bahare Ghayyoomi

 Year : 2009-2010


22- Design of a Girls High School by Ahdye Poormorteza

23- Design of a House for an Architect by Seyed Masoud Sajjadian

24- Design of a Residential Block by Sedighe Seyyedi

25- Design of a Toyota center by Mohammad Javad Beygzade

26- Design of a Multifunctional Tower using solar energy by Shima Vosogh

27- Design of a Multifunctional Tower including flats using solar energy by Ehsan Akbari

28- Design of a Intelligent Multifunctional Tower by Bentolhoda Yegane Azimi

29- Design of Flower Garden by Behnaz Moniri Avval

30- Design of a Child Museum by Salime Mokhtari

31-Design of a Cultural-Entertainment Center by Rana SahebEkhtiyari

32-Design of a Residential Complex by Maryam Mirzaee

33-Design of  an Experimental Solar House by Aadel Sattaripur

Year: 2011

34- Design of a Modern Echotech House by AliAkbar Sadeghi Goghari

NeginMinaei's supervision work

Eco-friendly Intelligent Modern House designed by AliAsghar Sadeghi Gohari, Master’s in Architectural Engineering


Adviser of two thesis in Master Degree in Architectural Engineering

35- Reorganization of ‘Abyaneh’ town from environmental perspective by Sahel Namazyan

36- Designing a House of Mathematics  with Architectural Approach by Alireza Taghizadeh