Teaching Feedback by Students

Unsolicited Feedback from Students’ Emails 

By Students who took Sustainable Smart Cities at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor, ON, Canada 


“Thank you for the wonderful course you offered.” May 2017 

“Will miss u in the next semester. Learned a lot from u.” April 2017

“Thanks for your guidance and help in my last semester in University of Windsor. Thank you very much.” April 2017

“I really enjoy your class and the importance of the content. I find you have a very sensible stance on the issues which many do not seem to have.  Your class also forced me to research a lot of material that I would not otherwise have investigated.  This has given me a much greater appreciation for the challenges we face which scares me even more than I was before.  I enjoyed your lectures and your clear explanation of all the diverse topics you presented in a short time.  It a great course which I think could be opened up to graduate students across the university (not just engineers or architects).” Feb 2017

Respected mam,
Thank you so much for the great journey. It was a real wonderful journey with you. You are very optimistic about your students and expects a great deal from them. May be some people find you as a tough teacher, but being a teacher myself for 13 odd years and worked with African kids as a part of UNDP for 4 years, I could understand your stand as a teacher. I learned a real deal from you. Felt like saying this. As a gratitude i am sending the photo we took.

At the end of the day I am sure I got some new ideas related to system thinking, design thinking, Internet of things, resilience, Smart infrastructure and so on which I have never learned anywhere before. In that way it was a fresh learning for me ma’am. One more thing I forgot mention is your prompt replies on assignments. I always wonder how you are doing that for all the students in such short time.
Once again thanks a lot ma’am.

Thanking you once again. May God bless you. With lot of regards

Dr. Shiju Easo John



Solicited Feedback Submitted on my LinkedIn Profile 

By Students who took Sustainable Smart Cities at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor, ON, Canada


1- Chaoyang Chu 

Engineer in Training (E.I.T.) / August 23, 2017

The course Sustainable Smart Cities in the summer term (May – August) at the University of Windsor truly gave me a chance and opened my minds to think about sustainability as a civil engineer. Dr. Negin Minaei delivered the course materials in an entertaining way by using lots of videos and vivid pictures that most of them were taken by herself when she lived in Europe. She put lots of efforts and passion to this course as well as her research field and aims to deliver her knowledge and opinions on sustainability, smart cities, and urban planning to the world.

As a civil engineer, you may just focus on doing analysis about a structure but never thought about any environmental impacts from the earlier stage such as design, to construction, and building operations. The course Sustainable Smart Cities gave me a lot of insights to consider the issues now. Zero carbon building and passive solar design presented by Dr. Minaei show the possibilities that structures could be built in an energy efficient way to eliminate negative environmental impacts. Besides, Dr. Minaei demonstrated the concepts of responsive, dynamic, and adaptive architecture to challenge the nature of static of a building by using intelligent technologies to make the architecture sensitive to its occupants. These concepts and knowledge that I’ve learned from this course could be applied to my research in the near future.

Overall, I enjoyed the course very much not only because of the entertaining course materials that are relevant to our everyday life, but also because of the ideas and concepts that I’ve learned from Dr. Minaei opened my mind. I really appreciate Dr. Minaei’s help through the whole term, and it is very respectable that she spent lots of her time, energy, and passion to this course and her research field.

Parmbir Cheema

2- Parmbir Cheema

• Civil Engineer • MEng • EIT (PEO) • Member OSPE / July 31, 2017


I would like to express my deepest thanks to my supervisor Dr. Negin Minaei for helping me understand the concept of sustainable, resilient and smart cities as well as for her guidance throughout my project for the same. This is an important topic of study from the perspective of Sustainable Development and

Civil Engineering.
Supervisor possesses strong expertise in Sustainable Smart Cities and their functioning was very well explained along with the present real-time initiatives by various countries as well as the collective body of United Nations. This laid foundation for development of innovative ideas towards making cities sustainable.

Additionally, Work related assignments were relevant to subject knowledge as well as practical application was highly emphasised. Assignments collectively contributed towards final project report content and made the overall project requirements simpler and less time consuming at the same time.

Another plus point in the delivery method for content was that real-time project was given higher preference. It made me familiar with the exact scenario of what City of Toronto is currently involved in to make the city sustainable and resilient.
Enough help and assistance was provided to tailor and refine the raw idea into a feasible prototype. Supervisor was also helpful in brushing up the research paper publishing skills.


By those who were my students at the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Urbansim at the IAU, Kerman, Iran





3- Dr. Adel Sattaripour

Design Architect | Schwitzke & Partner, Germany www.schwitzke.com


Courses he had with me while he was a BSc (Hons) Architecture student :                     1-Environmental Design(2009) / 2-Architecture Terminology in English (2009)/3- Final Design Project, Subject: Design of an Experimental Solar House

Negin Minaei is one of the most treasured university professors I have ever worked with throughout my academic and professional architecture and design career. I have known Dr. Minaei since 2009 when I was her student in Azad University. She was my lecturer in numerous courses namely Environmental Design, Advanced English for Architectural Studies and later on my best choice as my thesis supervisor entitled “An Experimental Solar House”. During my design research she had helped me develop an in-depth understanding of aspects of sustainability in design such as energy efficiency, solar powered roof and wall systems and green architecture notions. Thanks to the knowledge base and experience gained working with her I could achieve a successful academic career later on at Bauhaus Dessau Institute of Architecture. Nevertheless like most of her students I have stayed in touch ever since benefiting from her kind professional advises, and even collaborated on different occasions with the latest being co-authoring a paper published in an international conference held by Alanus University of Arts in Bonn, Germany. Based on these interactions I have come to see Negin as a bright, energetic and inspiring intellectual. Her state-of-the-art and trending methods of teaching combined with her substantial and well-focused research outcomes are highly productive and exceptional.

Solicited Feedback Submitted by Email

By those who were my students at the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Urbansim at the IAU, Kerman, Iran



1- Dr. Masoud Sajjadian

Lecturer in Architectural Technology, Southampton Solent University, Liverpool, UK


Courses he had with me while he was a BSc (Hons) Architecture student :  1-Analysis of Urban Spaces (2008) / 2- Final Design Project (2009)/ 3- Subject: Design of a House for an Architect

Dr Minaei was my instructor for urban design modules as well as final year project during my BA degree. She was excellent in her teaching; I was greatly inspired by her and found her as a devoted teacher. She was constructive and comprehensive in her feedback and always put great amount of effort and interest into the students’ learning. She made an outstanding contribution to many units where I had my undergraduate studies. She was always interested in helping students and created an exciting learning environment for them. She communicated the subjects very clearly and effectively with great encouragement for independent thinking. Her teaching was always research informed and her passion in teaching was admirable.


2- Amirmohim Mohimi

PhD student in Urbanism



Courses he had with me while he was a PhD in Urbanism 2015 – 2016 :  1-Globalization & the Global City / 2.Research methods in Urbanism / 3.Sustainable Urban Development

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of Dr. Negin Minaei, Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad Uni. Of Kerman Department of Urbanism. I have known Dr. Minaei for about 2 years since I was attending her classes, Globalization & the Global City and Research methods in Urbanism. I would take this opportunity to express my praise for her performance in teaching.

Lectures : Professor Minaei is, by all accounts, an excellent lecturer and dedicated to the learning that takes place in the classroom. Her ability to explain key concepts in a broad variety of ways, to hold the attention of the class throughout a session, and to engage the class in discussion. She also has the ability to construct alternative explanations and illustrations of difficult concepts when students did not follow the first exposition. Dr. Minaei’s lectures have variety in teaching techniques, content is organized, and comments are in alignment with some of the most recent developments in the field of urban planning.

Instructional Materials: The syllabus, lecture notes and other materials for each course are all well organized, and the assignments and exams challenge students to excel. Course materials are mostly of a very high quality and clearly the result of considerable thought and effort. The course outline, indicating the class objective, scope, lecture materials and text book are available to students at the beginning of the semester. Deadlines, Office hours, and exam dates are also announced at the first session of each class. The papers and materials introduced throughout the courses were referenced accurately. Homework and project submission is mostly electronic, the feedback is provided online whenever possible and the assessed work is anonymous.

Formative assessment: Various types of assessment such as weekly assignments, written essay, and individual project presentations were used by Prof. Minaei for each course. At the beginning of each semester four one to one feedback sessions were scheduled for each graduate student to actively monitor and evaluate the student’s performance on the assigned final project. Furthermore, Dr. Minaei encouraged self-assessment and peer assessment as part of the classroom routines. At the end of the semester students ran through their presentations with the professor and, their peers, evaluating their performance.

In general, Dr. Minaei is an excellent instructor and an inspiring academic advisor and her knowledge, experience, and interactive lecture techniques makes her an asset to our department.